A word about SDR Sharp

SDR Sharp has been a nice little SDR program for use with the RTL-2832U Dongles. However due to some concerns about licensing and “unofficial” modified versions of the software floating around it is now a bit more difficult to get going with your RTL-2832U dongle. The RTL drivers are no longer in place by default, you have to install them manually. So, basically if you download the SDR# Dev versions, it will not work out of the box. You will need to go to the SDR Sharp webpage and install according to the directions provided there or just go here.

5 Responses to A word about SDR Sharp

  1. Rolf Comez says:

    Just spend the 14 hours trying to get the dongle to work
    and get no where. have downloaded so much and read so much that I have given up to get my dongle working.It shows up in
    ZADIG as Realtek 2832U device, but can only find an RTL-SDR/TCP device and not a USB in the SDR program Version

  2. John G8SEQ says:

    I had the same problem but got it all to hackle by re-nstalling SDR# after copying the three .dll files across in the instructions. Had to use a different version of zadig for XP Pro as well.

  3. David says:

    John: what zadig version did you run for xp pro?

  4. NormB says:

    GAve up on both SDR# AND HDSDR with a new SDR-RTL dongle from Nooelec. 8 hours invested in installing, uninstalling, finding, downloading, unzipping drivers, software, never did hear a peep out of any peak on the spectrum. Boxed it all up and sent it all back. SDRPlay on its way…

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