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Controlling with an iPad and TouchOSC

Midi to the Rescue

One of the big advantages and disadvantages of Software Defined Radio is the ability to control the software with virtual buttons and knobs via an computer user interface. Some hams view this as an advantage, but others would rather have more direct control of the radio software through a hardware interface. We have already discussed this on Ham Radio Science using the Hercules MP3 E3 interface. The MP3 E3 uses midi to connect to PowerSDR to allow the user to operate PowerSDR through various hardware rotary encoders and sliders. The big advantage of using midi as an interface protocol is that there are many hardware devices it can be used with. Midi has been an industry standard in the music production area for a long time. Most of the hardware controllers are more geared to toward music production software rather than ham radio applications. This usually means that the knobs and controllers are not marked for easy recognition of what they control in the software. There are some midi controllers that will allow you to label the controls via an LCD display. However, because of this desire to have direct hardware control of SDR software, some …