RTL2832u – R820T VS RTL2832u – R820T2

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Anan 10E Unboxing Video Up

The HRS unboxing of Apache Lab’s new Anan 10E video is up. Stay tuned for a “First Look” article and video over the next few days. So far the Anan 10E has been pretty impressive. It looks like it will be a game changer for SDR Transceivers in the sub $1000 range. Keep checking back!

Anan SDR Radios Now Available from US Dealers and a New Entry Level ANAN SDR

Anan 10E

Some good news for you that have been interested in the generally highly regarded Anan series of SDR transceivers. First off, the Anan SDRs can be currently purchased from two us dealers, Gigaparts and Cheapham. The warranty on these radios are for 2 years against manufacturing defects with a US service center in Arkansas. Also earlier in the year Anan started shipping the Anan 10E. The Anan 10E is basically and entry level version of the Anan 10. The Anan 10E is pretty much the same radio as the Anan 10 with a few compromises to cut the cost to a more attractive price point for some radio hobbyists. Here is what you loose over the Anan 10 :

Differences between the ANAN-10 & the ANAN-10E
1. The ANAN-10E uses a 14 bit ADC while the ANAN-10 uses a 16 bit ADC
2. The ANAN-10E uses an EP3C25 FPGA while the ANAN-10 uses a larger EP3C40
3. The ANAN-10E supports 2 receivers while the ANAN-10 supports 7 receivers

RTL2832u – R820T VS RTL2832u – R820T2

R280T2 Banner

In the world of Software Defined Radio there have not been many new products introduced over the past year. The products that have been introduced have been a little pricey for what they do. With that being said, there is not much if anything that can beat the venerable RTL2832U dongle as a great low cost introduction to the world of SDR. The R820T variant of the RT2832u dongle has turned out to be a solid performer for entry level applications over the past couple of years. Just recently a new and improved version of the RTL2832u – R820T has become available very cleverly named the R820T2. These new dongles are being made available in the US by NooElec on Amazon for around $24.95.
NooElec NESDR Mini 2 USB RTL-SDR & ADS-B Receiver Set, RTL2832U & R820T2 Tuner, MCX Input. Low-Cost Software Defined Radio Compatible with Many SDR Software Packages. R820T2 Tuner & ESD-Safe Antenna Input, Guaranteed
The first thing you may notice about the R820T2 is that the case is now bright blue and the blue power led is much brighter. Outside of that, the cases of the R820T and the R820T2 seem to be identical in size and construction.  They both even share the same antenna connector, so you can continue to use any aftermarket adapters or antennas that you may have purchased for your older R820T dongle. Speaking of antennas, you now get a much improved magnetic whip antenna versus what was shipped with the older R820T. The older antenna was a fixed whip at around 5.5 inches where the new whip is extendable from 3.75 inches to around 12 inches. The new antenna also includes a magnetic mount as well as a tilt mount. The RTL820T also ships with the same somewhat useless remote. just incase you are interested.

The mcHF QRP Transceiver Project

When it comes to a low cost SDR QRP Transceiver W0MKA has the right idea. The mcHF QRP transceiver is a project that W0MKA has been working on for awhile and we are starting to see more of a finished product begin to emerge. W0MKA’s project is pretty much a DIY endeavor at this time. Can you buy it? Kinda sorta. W0MKA makes limited quantities of the unpopulated boards available from time to time as well as the display. This is a project that we would certainly like to see become available as a complete kit in the future or even better a preassembled model. So head over to W0MKA’s website and give him a little encouragement!